Bad week

This week has not been good at all, I drove back from the Highlands war just fine, got up Monday morning and attempted to start the car. it just clicked, checked the cables and noticed little puffs of smoke coming from the battery.
Result= New battery for $84

Getting the old battery was not all that easy either, the clamp was free spinning so I had to chip out the portion that the clamp held. I then removed the tray and when I put the new battery in I just installed 2 of the bolts instead of the the usual 3.

Tuesday we had to deal with the field manager, he managed to distract the kitchen manager enough that I had to watch the buffet and try to put the truck away at the same time. I spent the entire day being behind.

Wednesday and Thursday were not all that bad, just regular days of prep for me.

Friday I came in at my regular time and found that out normal prep cook misread the schedule and was not there. I got to fill in for him, put away the truck and cut meat. That mad for a 9 hour day instead of the 5 I was supposed to be doing.

Now I just plan on relaxing and getting the camping stuff put away now. And laundry.

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