New Window A/C unit

I tried to run with my 5000 BTU unit in the bedroom window, but it had 2 problems.
1: It blew the cold air at the ceiling
2: It could not keep up with this no insulation and 100+ temp days.

I now am running a 6300 BTU window unit and it is doing a much better job.
Still gets up to 83 in the bedroom, but I can live with that.

The swamp cooler is just plain laboring and I think I will still have to get some new pads for it and some cleaning solution.

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No more lines

I now have the 22” Dell monitor hooked up to the iMac and don’t have to see those lovely colored lines while watching movies and TV shows.

I still want to upgrade to something newer eventually, but I do not have to be in that much of a hurry now..

Of course I still have to be able to see the iMac as that is where the DVD drive is.

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I have purchased a new 23” monitor for the gamine machine and once an adaptor arrives I am going to try using the 22” on the iMac.

I purchased new pads for the swamp cooler and found out that they are pretty much worthless, they do not hold enough water to cool the air as it comes into the place.

I ended up putting my old pad back in as it still works just fine.

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