I bought new brake pads last night and installed them this morning.

The 2 biggest problems were getting the caliper bolts loose and getting the caliper off.

I used the jack handle to get enough leverage to loosen the bolts and then used it again to push the piston back enough to get the caliper loose.

Installing them was simple after that.

of course I will eventually have to do the rotors as well.

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New Quad running

Got the parts in, installed them in the case.

Tried to install Ubuntu, but the ATI drivers for Linux just plain suck.

Installed XP-64 instead and am now crunching on that machine again.

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Parts have been ordered

Tomorrow I should have the new motherboard and processor and will be able to get the other computer back up and running again.

It will have to run Ubuntu as my Win 7 license will not work with this motherboard.

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The MSI Quad is dead

I think I have it tracked down to the motherboard as I could not even install Linux on it.

I took the Q8200 out and put it into my other machine so I still have a Quad core running,

I am looking at getting a AMD board and processor to put into that case so I can get it back running.

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