Long week coming up

Next schedule I only have 1 day off and some even more interesting shifts.

Off Wednesday,

7AM Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.

5AM Saturday.

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Weird weeks upcoming

My schedule for the next month is probably going to be completely different than normal.

The people who normally work in the buffet and salad bar are taking the entire month of March off to go visit family in El Salvador.

Next week I have Wednesday and Thursday off and then work through Tuesday. 1 day of Meat prep, 1 day of prep and 3 days of morning buffet.

After that it will be completely up in the air.

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Hours going up a little bit.

Next week I am actually scheduled for 5 days of work instead of 4, of course I have split days off!!

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People looking at the trailer

I hope this place does not sell all that fast as I really do not want to have to pack it all up and move somewhere else.

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New Windshield

Just had my windshield replaced this morning.

It had 2 large cracks, one on either side of the windshield.

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Bunch of little stuff

Still waiting on my refund, but it should be in Friday.

Had to replace the low beams on my car as one died in the last couple of days.

I thought I had fried the logic board on my 530S while trying to do a case transplant, but turns out it might have been a short to ground as it fired right up when I put it back into the original case. Now I have a case and a logic board to work with for something.

Looks like my hours should go back up a bit as we are losing one of our cooks here in a week.

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