Taxes done

I just finished filing my taxes for last year, used  Intuit taxfreedom to file both federal and state for free.

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Almost done with changeover

I have canceled DirecTV and tomorrow I will be stopping by Frontier with the modem and canceling them.

Also tomorrow I will be getting the PCI tuner card so I can get back to recording the shows that I want to watch when I want to watch them.

After that I plan on reorganizing the living room as I want a slightly different look in there.

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Switching things up

And now I have plans to dump both Frontier Communications and DirecTV and go with my local Cable provider.

Frontier(Phone & Internet/3MB down):         $90.00/month
DirecTV(Basic TV and Starz):                 $73.00/month
Total                                       $163.00/month
Golden Valley Cable & Communications
Expanded Basic & 3MB down                   $100.00/month

I use a cell phone from Boost mobile and have no real need for a home phone.

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