One month into the new job

So far it is going good, it is nice not having to do all the work and just mostly supervise the inmates as the cook and serve the food.

I do need to become more assertive though.

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Life sucks

Still looking for work and so far it is not looking so hot. The economy being in the toilet is just keeping job openings away.

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In 1 week, I lost the PSU on one of my computers and had the fan die again on the HD5830 and the GTX560 started overheating.

So far I have bought a new PSU and heat sink for the i3-2120, have ordered a new case for it as well. I also sent off the 560 for RMA and am waiting for a VGA cooler to see if I can resurrect the 5830.

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Buick is toast

It is official, the Buick blew the head gasket.

Time to start looking for something else now.

Estimate for repairs was $1300

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Time to find that new job

Things at work are starting to get ridiculous, I got sent home because I refuse to tuck in my work shirt. I have good reason for not doing it.

Bonnie has her MIT position going to her head and has become power crazy. Looks like she will get to do some extra work today then.

So far I have applied at the State Prison, Hualapai Nation Correction Institution and now I am going to send a application to the Hualapai resort on the West rim.

I would prefer to get out of the hospitality business all together though.

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PSU Ordered

Now I just have to wait for the new PSU and I will be rocking dual video cards in my AMD machine.

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Computer Updates

The iMac is still barely running, I use it for my 3 Nationstate nations and downloading my daily comic fix.

The Q8200 is currently running the GTX460 and doing mostly SETI on it.

The X4-630 has been recently upgraded to a newer motherboard that supports 2 PCI-E slots and DDR3-1600 RAM. Once I upgrade the PSU, I will put the HD5830 in it along side the GTX560 that is already in there.

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ATI HD5830

Last Monday this card up and died on me. it was randomly crashing the computer, but I thought it was something else.

After the last freeze, I opened the computer and restarted the computer, got no video and then noticed that the fan on the card was not running at all.

Looked up on Newegg and discovered that I had a 2 year warranty, so I started the process for an RMA on the card.

I just sent it off today and I will most likely have to wait for several weeks before I get it back.

For the time being, I am using the older HD4830 in that machine.

I still want to get something like a GTX560 though.

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iMac almost dead

My poor old iMac is getting worse every day, constant lockups and crashes.

I have to start saving for a new Mac, but for the time being I am using my AMD Quad as my running desktop.

I will most likely pick up a new Mac Mini after they are refreshed.

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Vacation over

Now that I have had my vacation, I pretty much need another one.

Today was fairly interesting, did not really have to make anything as there was leftovers aplenty.

Need to find another event to go to so I can burn my other 2 days of vacation.

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