Just bought a tent

Now I am pretty much set for my 2 SCA events.

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SCA Events upcoming

I have 2 more events that I plan on attending in the next couple of months,

1: Crusader Walk
        This is an unofficial event and will happen at Red Lake, which is north of Kingman. It will be a recreation of the Crusader march from the middle ages.
May 7th & 8th

2: Highlands War
        This is a event sponsored by the Barony of Ered Sul (Flagstaff, AZ), it is held at Mormon Lake.
June 3rd to the 6th.

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Around the house stuff

I changed out the belt on the swamp cooler yesterday, now it sounds better. Still need to get 3 new pads though.

Still need to fix up the lights outside as they are not really hanging correctly right now.

Next weekend I will actually have it off as I will be doing the Wasteland War Games here in Kingman/Windale.

Still need to order 80 gallons of propane as I am down to 18% in the tank, but I hope to last a bit longer, it has been a year though!!

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Second day off this week coming up

I actually have Easter off this year and I most likely will be doing nothing at all this year.

Just upgraded WordPress to 3.0b1, I was running the 3.0 alpha builds for a while.

I still need to get that other tire, but will most likely wait until after the next paycheck.

Just ordered a couple of books as they were some I was waiting for.

Also need to order some more work shirts as mine are starting to look bad, stained and all that which will not come out in the wash.

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