Parts have been ordered

Tomorrow I should have the new motherboard and processor and will be able to get the other computer back up and running again.

It will have to run Ubuntu as my Win 7 license will not work with this motherboard.

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The MSI Quad is dead

I think I have it tracked down to the motherboard as I could not even install Linux on it.

I took the Q8200 out and put it into my other machine so I still have a Quad core running,

I am looking at getting a AMD board and processor to put into that case so I can get it back running.

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Bunch of little stuff

Still waiting on my refund, but it should be in Friday.

Had to replace the low beams on my car as one died in the last couple of days.

I thought I had fried the logic board on my 530S while trying to do a case transplant, but turns out it might have been a short to ground as it fired right up when I put it back into the original case. Now I have a case and a logic board to work with for something.

Looks like my hours should go back up a bit as we are losing one of our cooks here in a week.

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Almost done with changeover

I have canceled DirecTV and tomorrow I will be stopping by Frontier with the modem and canceling them.

Also tomorrow I will be getting the PCI tuner card so I can get back to recording the shows that I want to watch when I want to watch them.

After that I plan on reorganizing the living room as I want a slightly different look in there.

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Switching things up

And now I have plans to dump both Frontier Communications and DirecTV and go with my local Cable provider.

Frontier(Phone & Internet/3MB down):         $90.00/month
DirecTV(Basic TV and Starz):                 $73.00/month
Total                                       $163.00/month
Golden Valley Cable & Communications
Expanded Basic & 3MB down                   $100.00/month

I use a cell phone from Boost mobile and have no real need for a home phone.

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Quad is back up and running

It was the PSU as a new one started the machine right up.

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Bad computer day

I just lost the PSU in my gaming machine, I got home from work today and it was off.

Tried different outlets but nothing and the Dell work just fine on the same power cord plugged into the power strip.

Ordered a new one from Newegg and now will just have to wait for it to arrive.

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Another 2 days off almost over

Had Wednesday & Thursday off and mostly only worked on getting AP running on different video cards.

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Heat sink fun

I am trying to get my heat sink to connect properly to the CPU of the quad, I tried one with the clips and that one only managed to connect on the 2 edges and my CPU was running hot.

I just got a new one that has a connection plate and am working on getting it to connect correctly.

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I finally ordered the 4 GB of memory for the quad, once it arrives I can put the other 2 GB back into the 530s and put it back at 3 GB.

I installed Vista SP2 last night on the 530s as it was available on Windows update.

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