Health Insurance

For the last 6 months I have had health insurance, but I have decided that I no longer want this expensive thing.


When I last had health insurance it was costing me about $50 a paycheck, now that the “unaffordable Health Care Act” has been passed the insurance companies have jacked the rates right out of affordability.


The rate that they were going to charge me for the lowest level was $122.40 a paycheck or about $245 a month. A rate increase of $36.88 or 43.12%.


I am not going to work for free for 13.6 hours a pay period just to have something that I barely use.


Looking at my recent check stub, 8.71% of my income is going to health insurance and that is not even compared against net pay, that would be 10.72%.


Technically I will be uninsured for 6 months out of the year, but the first 3 do not count.


I am keeping my vision and dental insurance though.

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