2 Weeks until vacation

I am looking forward to having 5 days off in a row, I really need the break.

Hopefully I will have several different food items to use when I come in on Saturday.

Still need to save a lot of money so I can replace my iMac, but real life keeps interfering.

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Continuing sucky

Work continues to be fairly busy, never knowing what I will have to do day to day.

Right now I am back doing buffet 5 days a week since our morning team has either quit or will be gone in a week and a half. Need to get some more people hired and trained.

I still have to do a lot of the prep work like making soups, pastas, chili and spaghetti sauce for the line. Not to mention the steaks, sandwich meats and chicken fried steaks.

I am taking a vacation next month to go to Highlands War again.

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