Taxes done

I just finished filing my taxes for last year, used  Intuit taxfreedom to file both federal and state for free.

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Water heater working again

I had a lovely weekend, lost a computer and the water heater at almost the same time.

The computer was a PSU, the water heater was a thermocouple.

Now I just have to wait for the water to heat up and I can take a warm shower instead of the freeze fests that I have been doing.

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I got my outside lights up on Friday, turned them on last night.

The tree will be turned on tomorrow.

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My life has been pretty boring recently, working 5 days a week and having split days off.

This week I work Monday and Tuesday in salad prep, Wednesday off, then Thursday, Friday and Saturday is Prep.

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Car is now mine

I made the last payment and now I am waiting for the title to arrive.


On the work front my schedule is crazy this week, we had one of our cooks fired after failing a drug test!!

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Car almost paid off

I have one more payment left and then the car will be officially mine. Of course then I have to do some minor maintenance on it. Eventually I have to replace the windshield as well.

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Same thing continues

Still only getting 4 days a week, at least I got that quarter raise!!

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Another short work week

Still only getting 4 days a week with this shitty economy!!

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Big Thunderstorm last night

We had a big one late last night, it swept up from Lake Havesu City and for a while it was just a constant downpour with a 40 MPH wind.

The light show was nice to look at though, occasionally it was almost daylight with all of that action.

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Couple of days off

I plan on doing nothing these 2 days as I have no money.

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